TYFOCOR® G-LS is a special, ready-to-use, almost completely vaporizable, propylene-glycol-based heat transfer fluid for use in solar systems that are subject to extreme thermal conditions. It contains a glass protection additive that makes it suitable for use in all-glass solar collectors.

TYFOCOR® G-LS is a clear, violet liquid with a faint odour, based on physiologically unobjectionable 1,2-propylene glycol, and water. It has been designed especially for utilisation as a heat transfer fluid in solar systems running under elevated thermal conditions (vacuum tube collectors). The corrosion inhibitors contained in TYFOCOR® G-LS reliably protect the materials normally used in solar installations against corrosion, ageing and deposits over long periods. TYFOCOR® G-LS prevents the surfaces of heat exchangers from becoming fouled, and ensures consistently high thermal efficiency of the solar system.

In order to maintain its specific properties, TYFOCOR® G-LS must not be mixed with other heat transfer fluids, and must never be diluted by water. If leakages or other losses occur, the heat transfer fluid in the system must be replenished with TYFOCOR® G-LS only.

TYFOCOR® G-LS is now only supplied upon request. It has been replaced by TYFOCOR® LS®.

  • Solar thermal systems

10 l PE jug
25 l PE jug

  • Ready-to-fill -28 °C

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