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Producing food and beverages is a very demanding business. Excess heat must be removed quickly, and products need to be kept at consistently low temperatures to maintain shelf life. This is important for both refrigerated supermarket shelves and food and beverage production lines.

In restaurants and anywhere foodstuffs are filled, transported, or sold, vendors need economical supply chains, cooling systems, and freezer storage that operate flawlessly. Thermal transfer products must do more than just move heat. They also have to prevent lines from corroding while protecting other metal and plastic components from degrading over time.

That’s exactly what TYFOCOR® und TYFOXIT® do. They are exceptional at preventing freezing and provide outstanding protection against corrosion. This makes them the perfect fluids for applications such as defrosting. 

But thermal transfer fluids for use in the food and beverage industry also need to be completely non-toxic. This way, it’s impossible for spills or even small leaks to contaminate foods with substances that are harmful to human health. TYFO products are non-toxic, which makes them suitable for use in the food and beverage industry. TYFOCOR® L, for instance, is a practically odourless, hygroscopic liquid based on non-toxic propylene glycol that is used for food and beverage and drinking water applications as a coolant or heat transfer fluid. TYFOCOR® L-eco® is also used as a special food-grade brine by food and beverage manufacturers. Nearly every substance used in the product is derived from 100% renewable resources.



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TYFO products for the food and beverage industry


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Have a cold one brewed with TYFOCOR® L

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