TYFO offers cleaning, measurement, maintenance, and analysis services.


This measurement device enables rapid testing for the antifreeze properties of coolants and heat transfer fluids using the refraction principle (determining the refractive index).


Areometers are instruments for determining the exact density of liquids or the concentration of substances in solution. They work according to Archimedes’ principle. An areometer consists of a cylindrical stem and a weighted bulb that you float inside a cylinder.

Glycol refractometers

These instruments are generally suitable for all concentrations of propylene glycol mixtures or optionally — as a special model — for all aqueous ethylene glycol mixtures. They are able to correctly measure the freeze point of the respective mixture at temperatures between +15 and +70°C. The version intended to measure propylene glycol mixtures cannot be used to measure ethylene glycol mixtures and vice versa.

Fluid analysis

We offer our customers free testing of heat transfer fluids:

  • Verification of the status of an existing fluid. In this case we assess to what extent the liquid still fulfills the requirements for protection against frost and corrosion as well as long-term stability to determine whether replacement is necessary.
  • Analysis of the operating reliability of systems and testing to determine if corrosion has taken place and if so, what type. For older systems with unknown thermal fluids, we determine the composition and suggest an appropriate alternative for refilling. Should leaks or malfunctions of the system occur, we can use fluid analysis to help determine the source of the problem. For these types of tests, we normally require a 500-ml sample. You get the results within 10 business days, depending on the testing required.

TYFO rinsing and filling station

The new TYFO rinsing and filling station makes rinsing and filling closed loop systems such as solar thermal systems and heating systems fast, easy, and clean. The large wheels and ergonomic pushbar make the station easy to maneuver even when it’s full. The impact-resistant 30-litre tank is semi-transparent, making it easy to determine the fluid level at all times. Our rinsing and filling station is suitable for water, water/glycol mixtures, and cleaning fluids such as SOLARCLIN®. And of course the station can also rinse and fill conventional heating systems.

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