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Making your energy transition a success

Renewable sources represent a crucially important and growing share of the energy mix. TYFOCOR products ensure that the energy generated using renewable resources gets to the spot where it is needed. Together, we can make the energy transition a success.

Thermal solar systems place high demands on the properties of heat transfer fluids. Both during cold winter nights and under the hot midday sun — you need your solar system to work reliably, year in and year out. Our products make sure your solar thermal fluid remains liquid and pumpable all the way down to –30°C while resisting breakdown up to 200°C. Since there is always a possibility of leakage causing contamination of the hot water supply, solar thermal fluids must not present a health risk. That’s why they are formulated with non-toxic propylene glycol. TYFOCOR is environmentally friendly, economical, and cost-effective.  Temperature stability is crucially important for solar thermal applications, which is why TYFO uses special steel autoclaves to test for it.

Heat transfer fluids have it somewhat easier in geothermal systems. Here, the main objective is to ensure that heat is transferred from the ground to the heat pump, even when temperatures are below freezing, all the while reliably protecting the system’s components against corrosion. TYFO-SPEZIAL is a custom-developed product for all your applications in water protection zones and at facilities subject to special regulations.

Maintaining wind turbines is time consuming and costly. That’s why the industry calls for uncompromising protection against corrosion and a long service life from its heat transfer fluids. TYFOCOR satisfies these demanding requirements and enables reliable, low-maintenance operation — on land, or offshore.

Major manufacturers also use TYFOCOR products for biogas plants, heat recovery systems, and combined heat and power plants.

Solar thermal systems

Geothermal heating

Wind turbines

Biogas plants

Heat recovery systems

Combined heat and power plants

TYFO products for renewable energy


For cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems including heat pumps and radiant heating systems.


For ground source heat pumps, air conditioners, and turf heating systems.


For ground source heat pumps in water protection zones.


For glass tubes in high-temperature thermal solar collectors.

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