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More protection against corrosion

Outstanding TYFO corrosion inhibitors protect your systems against rust, scaling, and aging while guaranteeing consistently high thermal efficiency.

More efficiency

By using high-quality raw materials and perfectly balanced formulas, TYFO refrigerants and heat transfer fluids ensure excellent heat transfer and significantly increase your system efficiency.

More power

TYFO products provide the perfect combination of temperature stability, flow properties, and thermal transfer capacity to deliver a sustainable performance boost for your systems.

More expertise for more value

High-quality TYFO cooling brines, heat transfer fluids, and coolants give your systems a long, trouble-free, and reliable service life. Whether you’re looking for product quality, efficiency, or service, TYFO always give you just a little more.

More research & development

Our research & development center is dedicated to progress and innovation. We support your product development process to help you react with the right solutions to both global challenges and local markets. In addition, TYFO cooperates with renowned technical, scientific, and research institutions.

More quality

Our strict quality control and testing procedures set the standard for the industry. To ensure that you receive only the best products, we perform daily testing on all our raw materials for corrosion protection, foaming, temperature stability, and chemical and physical properties.

More experience

Our name stands for 60 years of supplying the highest quality chemical products. TYFO cooling brines and thermal transfer fluids have been formulated as the perfect means of transferring heat and cold to wherever you need it while ensuring that your systems provide a long, reliable service life with minimal downtime.  TYFO: Experience and quality — made in Germany.


grueling kilometers for TYFOCOR® LS® Arctic


 years of TYFO in Europe


°degrees Celsius — the coldest mission for TYFOCOR® LS® Arctic

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

TYFOCOR® products allow precise temperature control, fulfilling all the requirements of industrial heat transfer at both high and low temperatures.


TYFO products quickly transfer cooling power while offering outstanding corrosion inhibition and optimal flow properties thanks to their low viscosity.

Refrigeration for food and beverages

TYFOCOR® and TYFOXIT® provide outstanding anti-frost properties and corrosion protection. They are non-toxic and non-hazardous, making them suitable for food and beverage production facilities.

Renewable energy

TYFOCOR® products reliably transport heat produced by renewable energy sources to help the energy transition succeed.


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For cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems including heat pumps and radiant heating systems.


For glass tubes in high-temperature thermal solar collectors.


For ground source heat pumps, air conditioners, and turf heating systems.


For systems made of stainless steel or plain carbon steel


For ground source heat pumps in water protection zones.

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