Keeping your systems cool

A number of technical processes require rapidly cooling equipment or components to very low temperatures. TYFO products are especially fast and reliable for these types of applications.

A number of industrial and production processes involve rapidly cooling equipment or components to very low temperatures. In addition to the ability to rapidly transport cold and outstanding corrosion protection, TYFO products also possess excellent flow characteristics thanks to their low viscosity. As with other physical and chemical properties, we determine the viscosity using special high-precision tests in our laboratory. 

Low-temperature performance is also tested on a regular basis. TYFO products such as REINHARTIN® and Calciumchlorid allow freezing down to temperatures as low as –50 °C for economical freezer operation at extremely low operating temperatures. 

Industrial cooling systems

Wind tunnels

Ice rinks

Ground freezing systems for mining

TYFO refrigeration products


For cooling, heating, and air conditioning systems including heat pumps and radiant heating systems.


For systems made of stainless steel or plain carbon steel

Case study

Perfect curling ice with TYFOCOR®

Case study

Maximum fuel efficiency with TYFOXIT®

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