TYFOCOR® HTL is a special, ready-to-use heat transfer fluid based on non-toxic glycols for use in solar systems that are subject to extreme thermal conditions.

TYFOCOR® HTL is a clear, blue-green colored liquid with a faint odour and is based on 1,2-propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. The corrosion inhibitors contained in TYFOCOR® HTL reliably protect the metals normally used in solar collectors and other heating equipment against corrosion, ageing and deposits over long periods. Static temperatures higher than 200 °C casually may cause formation of decomposition products. In this case, the combination of selected glycols and inhibitors prevents the solar installation from breakdown if the customer holds to the application guidelines given below.

TYFOCOR® HTL does not contain any nitrites, phosphates or amines.

TYFOCOR® HTL is now only available upon request. It has been replaced by TYFOCOR LS®.

  • Solar thermal systems

10 l PE jug

1.000 l container (IBC)

  • Ready-to-fill -35 °C

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