Company history

Consistent quality — made in Germany

TYFO stands for quality made in Germany, personal service, and absolute reliability — values that we achieve when we work with our employees and customers as a team.

TYFO is an owner-managed company headquartered in Hamburg. As the leading supplier of cooling brines and heat transfer media in Europe, we not only offer you outstanding products, we also provide custom formulations developed by our in-house research and development team for a range of different applications. 


TYFOROP is founded in Germany as the European branch of the American entity TYFO, selling high-quality fuel additives as its main product. 


TYFOROP acquires Carl Hesse Kühlsolen, adding thermal transfer liquids to its product portfolio.


Hamburg entrepreneur Walter Schneider purchases TYFOROP. He continues to manage the successful company to this day.


TYFOROP starts developing and producing high-quality solar thermal transfer fluids. 


Walter Schneider acquires HAERTOL Chemie GmbH — once a leading supplier of chemical products in the former East Germany.
TYFOROP and HAERTOL combine their expertise in research, development, and quality assurance. 


With the launch of TYFOCOR® L-eco®, the company brought its first product to market that consists almost exclusively of renewable raw materials. 


TYFOROP Chemie GmbH invests in digitization and now manages all business processes digitally to better serve the needs of its clients around the globe. 


The refreshed brand logo is launched together with a TYFO advertising campaign. Several different ads appear in trade journals. 


TYFOCOR reaches new heights at 38 km above sea level — a stratospheric NASA balloon completes its research mission thanks to the reliable heat transfer capabilities of TYFOCOR LS Arctic at -120 °C. 


TYFOROP Chemie GmbH and the Hamburg headquarters move from Anton-Rée-Weg into the company’s new building at Ausschläger Billdeich. More storage capacity and even better logistics are two key benefits of the new location. 

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Whether large or small, the companies we serve value quality, long-term protection for their equipment, more performance, and value for money. Many of our customers are major players in their industries. Others have highly specialized capabilities. All of them profit from our decades of experience.