TYFOXIT® are non-toxic, high-performance, glycol-free, potassium-formate-based heat transfer fluids with very low viscosities for chiller systems with secondary cooling. They are available as ready-to-use mixtures ranging from –15°C to –50°C.

The products have been developed as successors to TYFOXIT® and offer a number of advantages. Most significantly is their vastly improved viscosity at low temperatures. This increases the efficiency of existing refrigeration systems by reducing energy costs, and enables new circuits to be designed in smaller dimensions. TYFOXIT® F15–F50 contain specific corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers and buffers, and are free of borax, nitrites, phosphates and amines. Their long-term corrosion protection covers all materials currently used in refrigeration technology such as steel, stainless steel grades, cast iron, brass, copper, red brass, bronze, and aluminium.

  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Wind tunnels
  • Ice rinks
  • Ground freezing systems for mining
  • Supermarkets
  • Breweries
  • Ice cream production lines
  • Chocolate factories
  • Wineries
  • Industrial freezing equipment

10 l PE jug
20 l PE jug
30 l PE jug

60 l PE drum
200 l steel or PE drum
1.000 l container (IBC)
Straßentankzug (max. 24 t)

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  • Ready-to-fill up to -15 °C TYFOXIT® F15
  • Ready-to-fill up to -20 °C TYFOXIT® F20
  • Ready-to-fill up to -30 °C TYFOXIT® F30
  • Ready-to-fill up to -40 °C TYFOXIT® F40
  • Ready-to-fill up to -50 °C TYFOXIT® F50

Technical information and safety datasheets on all the products in multiple languages are located in our

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