TYFOCOR® LS® is a special, ready-to-use, almost completely vaporizable, propylene-glycol-based heat transfer fluid for use in solar systems that are subject to extreme thermal conditions.

TYFOCOR® LS® is a liquid based on an aqueous solution of physio- logically unobjectionable propylene glycol with a faint odour. The fluid was developed especially for use in solar thermal systems with high thermal loads (vacuum tube collectors).

The corrosion inhibitors contained in the product reliably protect the metals normally used in solar technology even in mixed installations against corrosion, ageing and deposits over long periods of time. It keeps the surfaces of heat exchangers clean, and thus ensures consist- ently high thermal efficiency of the solar thermal system.

  • Solar thermal systems
  • Geothermal heating
  • Wind turbines
  • Biogas plants
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Combined heat and power plants

10 l PE jug
20 l PE jug
30 l PE jug

60 l PE drum
200 l steel or PE drum
1.000 l container (IBC)
Tank trucks (20–24 tons)

Custom sizes on request

  • Standard Ready-to-fill -28 °C
  • Mediterraneo Ready-to-fill -12 °C
  • Artic Ready-to-fill -47 °C

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