TYFO-SPEZIAL is a special, high-performance brine formulated for geothermal heat pumps located in water protection zones and areas subject to special government regulations. Due to its lack of glycols, it does not cause any underground biological oxygen depletion in the event of a leak.

This non-flammable product is dyed green and suitable for use with foodstuffs. It is formulated with a freezing point of -13°C. It cannot be diluted with water or mixed with other coolants  such as ethanol-water mixtures, aqueous glycol, or salt solutions. TYFO-SPEZIAL is compatible with the materials typically used to construct heat pump systems such as chromium-nickel-steel, low-nickel and nickel-free chromium steels, and chromoly steels.

For applications that use copper, brass, and bronze materials, a TYFO-SPEZIAL heat pump brine with the corresponding corrosion inhibitors is available. All standard gasket materials are also compatible with this brine, although in some cases testing to determine compatibility is recommended before initial use. We provide technical consultation for your application and we’re always glad to help you get the answers you need.

  • Heat recovery systems

20 l PE jug

200 l steel or PE drum

  • Ready-to-fill –13°C with non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors
  • Ready-to-fill –13°C without non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors

Technical information and safety datasheets on all the products in multiple languages are located in our

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