Calcium Chloride Special

Calcium Chloride Special  is a high-performance cooling brine based on the food additive calcium chloride. Depending on the mixing ratio, blends of the product with water allow to achieve cooling limits below -50 °C. Calcium Chloride Special is used for cooling systems that mainly consist of non-alloyed steel. It can be supplied as a concentrate or a pre-mixed, ready-to-use product.

Calcium Chloride Special is a colourless-to-yellowish, odourless, non-toxic liquid. Its superior heat transfer properties compared to glycol-water mixtures allow for efficient operation of cooling systems even at very low operating temperatures. Calcium Chloride Special is manufactured using advanced chemical processes. It’s formulated with inhibitors, stabilizers, and buffering agents. Calcium Chloride Special contains no borax, nitrites, phosphates, or amines. 

  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Ground freezing systems for mining
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial freezing equipment

30 l PE jug

60 l PE drum
200 l steel or PE drum
1.000 l container (IBC)
Tank trucks (20–24 tons)

Custom sizes on request

  • Concentrate
  • Ready-to-fill

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